Growing Through Crisis

The Year 2020 will definitely be one that goes down in history. It started off with the excitement of the launch of a new branch for my company. We had a great Mardi Gras Season, covered several balls, and rode in several parades. Then the roof caved in and entered the Covid-19 Pandemic. What a totally unexpected blow! So then comes the question, “what do we do now?” I will be completely honest with you. I work from home most of the time so that part was not hard. It wasn’t until the nail salons, hair salons, restaurants and other needed businesses started to close that it began to sink in. I was still thinking this only affected people in China! Then the day came when it really got real. The day I watched the news and saw the number of cases and deaths in the United States, then in Alabama, then in Mobile and Baldwin Counties and then it took the life of a friend. That was the turning point for me.

Prior to it hitting home I was able to work through my days and sleep at night. As the number of cases and the death toll began to rise, my days got less productive as well did my ability to sleep. Here is my transparency, I was scared crazy! I’m not one who shows fear or stress in my actions, however there is often an indication. This time my face broke out in a horrible, scaly, rash. I stayed awake for 24 hours straight on many nights. I spent days in bed binge watching shows that made me feel like I was there with the characters as this gave me a bit of solace and snacking as if I still had my 12-year-old body. The one thing that did not change was prayer. Each night and morning I thank God for keeping my family and me safe from the virus and ask him to continue that. I ask Him to heal our land and bring us back to a sense of peace. I received a breakthrough and things changed.

Through this transition I have become acquainted with things that I have but never made time to enjoy. Having my annual wellness check-up over the phone made the long wait in the waiting room not so bad. Last minute runs to the store at night became not so bad once that was impossible because everything closed early. My patio, that I never utilized, became my office space. The view of the backyard and it being screened in so no bugs to fight became one of my daily highlights. I even met my neighbor from across the lawn for the first time and we now have great conversations. Coffee is better on the patio, and so is wine! Morning walks in my neighborhood give me time to listen to T.D. Jakes and other motivational messages. Just last night I realized how peaceful and comforting it is to turn off all the lights, open the blinds of one window, curl up on the sofa and watch television while occasionally glancing out of the window at my neighbors who were having a late night cookout, AMAZING! I learned that I do look rather good on video and to top it all off, I finally launched this Blog, which I have been procrastinating for years, as well as the Nspire U! Community and Magazine.

So, see, there is opportunity to grow through crisis, it’s up to us to take advantage of it. We cannot prepare for what we do not know to prepare for. However, we can prepare to expect the unexpected!

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Sincerely, Queen Candace

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