Meet The Radio Staff


On Air Personality

Rise Shine and Grind Morning Show Weekdays: 6a-10a

Cathe B has over 20 years’ experience in the Radio Industry. She is a graduate of Jackson State University where she majored in Mass Communication. Cathe B is a powerful force on air and uses her positive attitude to encourage others.


“I am inspired by words and action. Saying something to encourage others and doing something to make a difference.”


On Air Personality / Production Director

Mid-day Soiree Weekdays: 10a-2p

Al has over 20 years’ experience in the Radio Broadcast Industry. He has a high level of skill in production, radio announcing and event hosting. 


“I am “nspired” by “Making a difference in someone’s life each day I arise. Whether it be something I say or do, I want to impart a sense of positivity and inspiration to my fellowman.”


Founder / CEO / On Air Talent

Mid-day Soiree Weekdays: 10a-2p

Queen Candace is the Founder/CEO of Nspire U! With 30+ years in the entertainment industry to include, sales, sales management, marketing, promotions, and event planning, she decided to take that knowledge and launch the Nspire U! platform. The umbrella includes, Nspire U Online Magazine, the Nspire U Network and now Nspire U On Air. Although new to the on air component, she enjoys working alongside her longtime friend Al My T.


“I am “nspired” by the gifts God instilled in me to constantly create innovative ways to highlight, educate and empower people globally!”


COO/Program Director/On Air Personality

The Diva’s Den Weekdays: 2p-6p

The Down South Diva, Amberly “Bambie” Harris aka “Da Bambz” is a graduate of the University of South Alabama with a degree in Biomedical Sciences focusing in Pre-Med. She has been around the media industry for 28 years and has been in the radio industry for 19 years. She has a vast knowledge of radio, promotions, marketing, graphic design, film editing, event planning and event hosting. She is the Program and Promotions Director for NSpire U On Air and the COO and Creative Director of NSpire U! She is also co-editor of  the Fashion Department of NSpire U! alongside Eric Jovan!  


“I am “nspired” by the ability to help others whether it be through motivation, advice, style choices or just a smile. Even if I inspire just one person, helping others keeps me motivated to continue my journey as an example and testimony. I thank God for the opportunities and situations I’ve gone through because they all were either a Blessing or a Lesson. Either way, something beneficial was gained & that’s what matters most!”


On Air Personality / Show Host

The Cigar Lounge Weekdays: 6p-10p

Promoter, Emcee, Singer, DJ and Host, Levi Sims, II hails out of Moss Point, MS. When not performing, he spends time relaxing and listening to music of all genres……aided by National and upcoming recording artists. Having spent many years hosting major events and concerts (alongside local hard-hitters and national acts alike), Levi has developed his craft.


“I am “NSPIRED” by my passion for making sure my audience has a great experience whether the size is two or twenty-thousand. Don't be surprised when you suddenly find yourself dancing/enjoying with out a care in the world.


DJ / On Air Personality 

Seafood Gumbo- Saturdays: 12p-6p

DJ “Loot,” properly known as Jermaine Turner, is a prominent DJ from Philadelphia. DJ Loot is an original turn table-est who exquisitely warms the crowd and rouses excitement among an adoring crowd by skillfully scratching out throwbacks and hits alike. DJ Loots’s mix selection can be best described as “super dope,” as he brings tremendous energy to every event he performs . He is able to effortlessly illicit interest in hip-hop and rap among peoples of different walks and cultures. He also DJ’s at a plethora of nightclubs and events in the Southeastern market of the United States. DJ Loot also has a number of mixtapes to his credit. He has been featured on mixtapes by “Pyso Fabe,” “Youn Hurt 2.0, “Bianca Clark,” and “Lil Boon.” Furthermore, DJ Loot promotes and features up and coming artists during his weekly showcase, "Industry Wednesday." DJ Loot is truly passionate about his craft. His success in this area comes by a dedicated work ethic and passion that has guided him since being inspired by Jam Master Jay at the tender age of 9. He humbly began his career by repurposing discarded stereo tops in a junk yard, and since has grown to the epic DJ he is today.  

I am “Nspired” by that feeling I get breaking new music and knowing it’s going to take off. It’s also that feeling I get when I’m DJ-ing and the crowd sings the words to the song I’m playing. That feeling I get when people don’t even call me by my Government name anymore. They just call me by my stage name. Mostly, it’s the music that inspires me.

Marcelus Dupree

On Air Personality 

Set It Off Saturdays 6p-10p

Marcelus Dupree has 20+ years in the radio and entertainment industries. A musician at heart, Marcelus is a drummer and percussionist who loves to play and spin all music genres. When the opportunity to learn the craft of radio, become an on-air personality and a master of ceremonies presented itself, Marcelus was a perfect fit. His music experience, talent, and personality took him to another level of entertainment. A graduate of the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts, guidance from his grandmother, Mrs. Willie Mae Henry along with others in the profession of radio, is where Marcelus learned his skills and developed the passion for entertaining.


I am “Nspired” by personal interaction with my peers and community to promote positive energy, wellness and love. If we don’t “Nspire” each other to grow than our work is not done.

DJ J-Walk

DJ / On Air Personality

Soul Food Sunday Sundays: 9am-12pm

Min. Justin "DJ J-Walk" Walker is a native of Mobile, AL and a 2014 graduate of the University of South Alabama. While at South Justin participated in many organizations and was a member of the inaugural football team. During his college years Justin blossomed into well known DJ throughout Mobile and surrounding areas.J-Walk began DJ'ing professionally in 2009 at the age of 18. J-Walk has a passion for the art of DJ'ing and was influenced by many DJ's in Mobile and surrounding areas. God called J-Walk to do His work and he did just that. J-Walk  stepped away from playing secular music and began playing only music for the Kingdom of God. In February of 2018 Justin received his license to Minister the Gospel. Justin is now the Youth and Children Minister over the Fresh Fire Ministry at Highpoint Baptist Church. In 2016 Justin married his High school sweetheart Amber Walker. They now have 2 sons Justin Jr, Judah and are expecting another bundle of joy in July of 2021.


DJ / On Air Personality 

Southern Soul Blues and Groove, Sundays 12p-3p

Carlos L. Wells Sr., also known as DJ Lo, has over 10 years’ experience rocking the crowds in Mobile and surrounding areas. As the CEO of Big Truck Entertainment, DJ Lo, has acquired a breadth of experience in the entertainment industry as a manager and promoter for Southern Soul Artists such as Tara Keith, David J, Stoney Murphy, and many more. In addition to managing artists, DJ Lo is the DJ of choice for Southern Soul Blues Shows, Regional Line Dance Events, Corporate Events, Community Events, and more! DJ Lo has been dubbed as the “The King of Line Dance” by various line dance groups throughout the community.

I am “Nspired” by my passion to serve the community. My motto is “Never Stop Dreaming”.

Charles Nobles

On Air Personality 

Sultry Sundays, 3p-6p

Chuck Nobles has over 40 years’ experience in the Radio Broadcast Industry. He is a graduate of Agawam School of Broadcasting in Agawam, MA and Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Hartford, CT. Chuck Nobles spoke on the subject of Broadcasting to students at Bishop State Community College under the leadership of Dr. Yvonne Kennedy. He started his radio career in Mobile, Alabama and at the American Blues Network in Gulfport, MS. Chuck has a high level in production and stage work where he has met and became friends with a lot of superstars along the way. 


“I am “nspired” by helping others and teaching people things that I know and love. My love for music is deeply rooted in me and I spread this love to my audience in a variety of ways. I have helped superstars deliver their talent worldwide from the bottom of my heart. I have also been diverse with the music I play because it makes people feel good no matter what they are going through. Music is not what I do, it is who I am.”


DJ / On Air Personality 

Sunset Sundays inside the Tech Hotel with DJ Tech Sundays: 6p-10p

Patrick “Dj Tech” Pettaway was born and raised in Mobile, Al. He is a husband and father of 2 boys. Music has always been a major part of his life since 5th grade, where he was introduced to band. The trombone changed his life and later took him to college on a marching band scholarship to Jackson State University (Sonic Boon of the South) from 2000-2004 where he also received his Bachelors Degree in Industrial Technology, which is also where Dj Tech got his name. In 2010 he picked up his first Dj mixer and never looked back! Now he spins at clubs, private events, weddings- pretty much wherever music is allowed ! His biggest goal is to get people to the dance floor and not let them leave. He is also the owner and creator of “NOSITDOWNPARTIES” 


I am “Nspired” by Family, seeing people smile and success. The evolution of music also keeps him going