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Advertising Rates


Full Page Ad 8.5"x11"

Inside Cover / Inside Back, Back Cover 8.5"x11"

1X          3X          6X         12X

$50         $45         $40         $35 

$75         $70         $65          $60 

(Multiple insertions require a contract with payment due each month prior to running. Ads must run consecutively. 10% discount offered for payment of contract up front)

Social Media:

Each magazine will be boosted for 30 days reaching:

Facebook: 800-1200 people per day, ages 25-65

Instagram: 500-1000 people per day, ages 25-65


Social Media Mentions:

Facebook and Instagram, 1 post per month of advertising



Our cost to create artwork: $50 per ad/$10 per revision.

Client may provide artwork.

Specs: 1700 pixels wide/2200 pixels high

Resolution/dpi: Minimum 150



Ad creation deadline: Materials due by the 10 th of the month prior to publication.

Space reservation and camera-ready artwork is due on the 15th of each month prior to publication.




Interesting in advertising in the Nspire U! Online Magazine? Click below:
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