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Updated: Jul 21


Welcome to the Nspire U! Newsletter!

As with our other platforms, we promise to keep you “N-formed,” “N-tertained,” and “N-spired” through our quarterly newsletter.

We will keep you informed about events, what’s happening with Nspire U! and newsworthy topics. We will also provide inspiration, life tips and share community resources with you. We would love to know what you think about us. Feel free to send us your opinion, along with a photo and we will include it on our social media platforms.

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Message from our Founder, Candace Houston

Peace Through the Process

One of the hardest lessons I had to learn in life is that people are not always who you think they are. I was taught to be honest, kind, and loyal to my family and friends. I still believe this is the way to conduct my life as I have a heart for people, and the thought of hurting someone is just not in my character. However, everyone doesn’t live that way. Hating, backbiting, disloyalty, etc. are characteristics you would think should pass after adolescence. I am way beyond adolescence, and it is clear to me that those emotions are even more abundant at this stage in life. I went through many friendships and relationships before realizing that I should not be upset when they end. When God shows you who a person is, He is helping you, not hurting you. I know a person who was upset about how a group of people treated him. He said, “I can’t believe how their colors have changed!” I told him that no one’s colors change, but at some point their true colors are revealed.

We are sometimes blinded by what we think are love and respect because people put on a great façade for us. When a person’s motives are not pure, eventually you will know. As an adult, my circle of friends has changed a few times, and now it has become almost a dot! My eyes were opened to many when I became a business owner. There are some who had been close friends who have never liked or shared a post, never attended any of our events and never even said “congratulations.” That is when you know the true heart of a person. When dealing with “friends” in business, you have to be on your “A” game. Some friends think that because of the relationship, there will be discounts, favors, certain understandings, etc. I have been burned on this a few times. If a person is truly your friend, they won’t mind paying you the same amount, in the same manner, they would someone else who offers the same services. Just because they tell you they respect what you do doesn’t mean they value what you do. If they did, there would be no negotiation. Through it all, God has shown me that support is not always going to come from the people you expect it to come from. We have some great supporters - some I have been friends with for years, and some not very long - and some I have not met in person. For each of them, I am forever grateful! They see what God is doing through us and THAT is the ultimate goal. I will continue to be who God made me and serve with the heart He has given me. With that, I find my Peace Through the Process!


What’s New at Nspire U!?

Team Additions:

We are pleased to announce the addition of DJ Lightshow to the Nspire U On Air Team! Lightshow is a 14-year-old DJ who has been booked for several major events in the city. He is a rising Freshman and will be attending Blount High School in the Fall. You can hear his show, “Lightshow Lituation,” every Saturday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Nspire U On Air. Please help us welcome DJ Lightshow to the Nspire U! Family!

New Platform:

We are pleased to announce the launch of Contentville Powered by Nspire U On Air! This platform will be utilized to air podcasts and talk shows. The station launches Tuesday, August 1, 2023. This platform will be accessible via our website and free app.

If you would like to have your podcast on Contentville, please email us at for more information.



Upcoming Events

3rd Annual Trunks of Treats

We are now taking registration for our annual Trunks of Treats that will be held on Saturday, October 28, 2023, at Ladd Peebles Sports and Entertainment Complex. This is our 3rd year hosting this contactless, drive-thru Halloween event. Parents are able to dress their kids up, drive through and receive treats from 40+ businesses and organizations. The event is free to set up and distribute treats. If you would like to be included in the promotions or listed as a sponsor, packages are available. To register visit here:




If you are an owner or member of a Non-profit organization, we invite you to join our Nspire U Care, Our Community Connection. This is a group of organizations who meet once a month to share resources, events and needs. Through this network, organizations are assisted with volunteers, vendors and publicity for their events.

If you would like to join us, please email


Sisters For Life

Nspire U! hosted the first Sisters For Life Health and Wellness Expo on May 6, 2023 of this year. What a day it was! There were women from all walks of life in attendance as well as vendors, fashion shows, healthcare experts and musical entertainment. Women left feeling more empowered to take control of their health. We are looking forward to an even bigger expo next year. The 2024 date will be released soon. Click the link below for more information.


Girl Crush Spotlight!

Joi West Phalo

Joi West Phalo is the founder of She Changes Everything, an organization with the well-being of today's teens at heart. Our mission is to empower teenagers to be proactive concerning the direction of their lives and make decisions that are conducive to their anticipated successes. It is also our goal to inspire and encourage teen moms to overcome the shame, adversities, labels and challenges of young motherhood through community, education, resources, and literature.

She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management from Faulkner University. For eight years, Joi worked with the Mobile County Public School System as a Paraprofessional and Registrar. She currently serves as the Administrative Coordinator for the Center for Fair Housing in Mobile, AL.

Joi is the author of 15. 19. 23. – a book detailing her experiences of teen pregnancy and motherhood, young marriage, and divorce.

Phalo keeps impacting her community and invoking positive change at the heart of her work. When she is not cultivating her purpose and passions, Joi enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with family.

She is a devoted wife to her husband Derrick and mother to their four children.


Nspire U! N-spiration Our Nspire U! N-spiration for this issue is all about summer travel! Here are a few of our favorite destinations near and far that are perfect for a summer getaway.

Florence and

Muscle Shoals

A visit to Florence is an essential experience for all types of travelers exploring Alabama. Known as the "Renaissance City" of the state, Florence offers a delightful array of local restaurants, a picturesque college campus, and notable landmarks like Helen Keller's birthplace and a stunning Frank Lloyd Wright house. While in Florence, it would be remiss not to venture to the nearby town of Muscle Shoals which boasts a rich musical heritage, with iconic destinations such as FAME Studios, where legendary artists like Etta James and Aretha Franklin have recorded timeless tracks. Click for more information:

Vortex Springs

Spanning a vast 520-acre playground, Vortex Springs (near Ponce de Leon, FL) produces an impressive 28 million gallons of pristine, crystal-clear water each day, maintaining a refreshing temperature of 68 degrees year-round. Whether you're eager to embark on a scuba diving adventure guided by our expert instructors, traverse our enchanting nature trails, or simply indulge in a leisurely swim in the spring, Vortex Spring guarantees unforgettable moments. Click here for more information:


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