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Mission Statement

Nspire U! Media was created to be a voice for our African American Culture. Our goal is to highlight, educate, and empower women and minorities globally. Our mission is to support the growth of businesses with a heavy focus on minority and women-owned businesses, foster healthier communities, and to connect our audience to much-needed resources. Through our platforms, we aim to be the “go-to” source for information, education and entertainment.

Through our Nspire U On Air Internet Radio Station, our goal is to be a voice for the community, local artists, and minority-owned businesses. Through this platform, we bring these three entities together by allowing them to share available information and resources, as well as highlight their products, services, and music to the community.

Education, and the physical, mental, and financial health of our culture are also extremely important to us. Through Community Engagement, we partner with organizations with this same mindset by offering our platforms as a vehicle to drive this information to the community.


 The                    Brands


Nspire U! is an Events, Entertainment and Media Firm. 



We plan, execute and manage large events such as Conferences, Expos, Sporting Events and Music Festivals. We also offer hosting services for events to include Red Carpet interviews.



We offer a variety of platforms that inform, educate and entertain our audience. Our Nspire U Online Magazine (currently on hiatus) is a vehicle to highlight, educate and empower women globally. Our Nspire U Network (currently on hiatus) shows are created to share information on all topics that affect our everyday lives.



With 40+ years of combined team experience, Nspire U! specializes in marketing services that will help differentiate your business from all the others including advertising placement, videography, photography, content writing, graphic design, show hosting and media coverage. 


Our Nspire U On Air Internet Radio was born out a desire to provide “N-formation,”

“N-tertainment,” and “Nspiration” to the community. The music is a mixture of Hip-Hop, R & B, Neo-Soul, Southern Soul, Blues and Pop from the 80’s through today. Of course, it would not be complete without a great Gospel Session on Sundays! Our goal is to be a partner for our community so that they know their voices are important.

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